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Cornerstone Alliance Navigators (CAN) is a Christian nonprofit founded in July 2009 to advocate for the rights of the Fatherless by promoting best practices, information sharing, and investment in superior long-term outcomes in orphan care. CAN was founded through the vision of missionaries Alfredo Cerrato, founder and former President and CEO of Providence World Ministries, Honduras, and Father Sebastian Kolodziejczyk, Executive Director of Asociación Juan Pablo Magno, Peru, who shared the driving purpose of providing a family and a dignified childhood for the children in their care. Though operating in different countries, both organizations shared a history of working with Sharing Resources Worldwide in organizing and hosting surgical missions to their respective countries, and through this common ground began a collaborative relationship in other areas of their ministries.

As their relationship developed, in spite of religious differences, both missionaries remained focused on the mutual aim of providing dignified and holistic care for the Fatherless. After numerous trips visiting the respective orphanages, with intentions to observe and share expertise and experiences, the two foresaw the importance and the benefits for similar organizations to likewise join together, to create an alliance, in order to promote and share best practices in the care of the Fatherless.

With CAN still only an idea, Alfredo Cerrato left Providence and was joined by Amber Schauske, former Program Director and Director of Organizational Development of Juan Pablo Magno to further plan, prepare, and develop the vision. Soon thereafter Leslie Gose, with a background in domestic and international adoptions, joined the team, and operations began on June 1st, 2009.

In late February, 2010, CAN moved its operations to Madison, Wisconsin to take over a medical procurement and distribution program. The primary purpose of this program, MedCAN, is to sustain itself as a program and to create revenue that can be reinvested into CAN for the benefit of its members and their constituency. In addition, MedCAN leverages medical services for the Fatherless and underprivileged in exchange for medical equipment and supplies donated to partnering organizations. The lives of the Fatherless are also positively affected through legislative advocacy when working with governments that receive medical equipment and supplies.

Still early in its history CAN has enjoyed great milestones in its partner relations and program development. Contact us if you are interested in becoming part of CAN’s mission. Together we CAN make a difference!