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mission & vision
Our mission is to advocate for the rights of the Fatherless by promoting best practices, information sharing and investment in superior long-term outcomes in orphan care so that with our partners, members, and donors we may pursue a vision of providing healthy families to the Fatherless worldwide in which they can recognize their dignity as children of God and grow to be responsible citizens.


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impact statement
While much money has gone into orphan care worldwide, the orphan population continues to grow parallel with cycles of broken families, poverty and abuse. Misguided philosophies on donor and organizational levels continually prove to be detrimental to orphan care models and their respective care, quality, and outcomes. Institutional models, inefficient practices, short-term investment and misdiagnosed care are to blame for the limited results found in orphan care today.

Through identifying, promoting and sharing best practices among childcare organizations and advocates, all sectors involved with caring for the Fatherless will benefit. CAN, joining efforts with its partners, members, and donors, will produce higher standards in orphan care and as a result:

  • Donors will have the certainty of contributing to well-managed and transparent organizations effecting higher impact outcomes in the lives of the Fatherless.
  • Orphan care partners & members worldwide will use family model programs to restore families to the Fatherless and society, thereby helping to end cycles of broken families, orphans, exploitation of children, and economic distress on society.
  • Governments will be more effective and efficient in their establishment and implementation of laws regarding child welfare, which in effect will establish higher standards of orphan care and decrease the probabilities of continual cycles of destruction.
  • The dignity and rights of the Fatherless will be respected; generations of orphaned children will regain families, and will experience and recognize God's love within them and in their lives.

CAN is thankful to all who embrace the vision of restoring family to the Fatherless in such a way that their status in society is elevated and they are given the resources and opportunities as any child would have within his natural family. As individuals and organizations we have different strengths, gifts and missions. By combining our intellectual capital, personal experiences and talents, together, we CAN make a difference in the lives of the Fatherless worldwide. Let us not settle for mediocrity but rather strive for excellence in service, positive outcomes and increased impact!

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