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Cornerstone Alliance Navigators, Inc. (CAN) is a Christian 501(c)3 membership organization that provides resources to domestic and international organizations and advocates, in both private and public sectors, to promote best and effective practices among orphan care providers by using family-based models.

CAN is an association of childcare providers and advocates, that provides its members with consultation, direct services, and resources through a variety of distribution methods. Accordingly, CAN shares with its members best practice information, models and methodologies (including training, evaluation, and certification), technology, research, fundraising and marketing techniques, missionary placement, and resources. By managing an Open Source Knowledge Base (OSKB) for non-profits in family preservation, family reunification, adoption, foster care, and international family-based residential care, CAN is a catalyst in the efficient and increased development and effectiveness of orphan care organizations, ultimately benefiting millions of children. CAN does not settle for mediocrity; its programs promote best practices on all levels of care, beginning with benefactors all the way to the children.