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Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting our web site and learning more about what we do and why we do it. As you discover what that is, our hope is that you will join us in our effort to create lasting change that improves the lives of the Fatherless. This is not an easy task. We will need to battle culture, economy, and politics. However, as we move forward, regardless of what faces us, we have made up our mind that mediocrity is not an option.

Many organizations provide relief in the form of donations and services, which is good and needed. Some move on to sustainable aid, which is much better because it offers longer-term relief. Few dare to seek permanence in care, which is even greater and offers superior stability until age 18. However, the best is Sonship, where the established relationship continues to grow and develop without limit into adulthood. It provides the unconditional “one thing” for which we all yearn, and from which the Fatherless have been deprived.

I truly believe that Sonship is a condition that can be regenerated in any orphan. Whether a child is a true, decreed, relinquished, social or forced orphan, our goal should be to restore them to the standing to which God restored us, Sonship. Covenantal adoptions can be achieved through the spirit of adoption in adoption, foster care, and residential care.

Let us not offer crumbs but a feast. Let us not just walk up and welcome these children with kind words, but run to them and give them kisses and robe them with our best. Let us celebrate! Through them we can relive our own encounter with Christ and mimic His loving and unconditional grace.

I pray that as you learn more about Cornerstone Alliance Navigators, our mission and vision, you will find yourself compelled to answer this “Call to Greatness”.

In Christ,

Alfredo Cerrato,

President and CEO