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"Call to Greatness"®

In effort to further combat the current trends of institutional life, unhealthy practices, and broken models, as well as to expand its network, CAN organizes and host an annual "Call to Greatness"® Conference on orphan care. CAN asks its partners and members to assist the Annual Alliance National Conference, generally in October, and stay one day longer to learn more about family-based models, methodologies, best and effective practices, and the benefits of belonging to CAN. Philanthropists and government officials are also invited in order to give all the parties involved in the orphan care process the opportunity to exchange ideas during one focused event.

The conference also serves to educate CAN members on the state of orphan care in the world, through informative seminars on current country statistics, up-to-date orphan care research and statistics, child rights, and innovative programs and outcomes.

CAN also provides an explanation of its membership criteria, as well as an  evaluation and certification for new and current members during the conference. Organizations that have implemented successful innovative programs are recognized and honored, and in some cases are asked to present and facilitate on a specific topic.