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Cornerstone Family Program®

For over ninety years, Boys Town has been a refuge of hope for wayward and orphaned children. Its family-based teaching model has been hugely successful in modifying and forming child behavior using scientific methods coupled with human compassion. The success of the Boys Town model is largely due to the perspective that modification needs to happen by helping troubled to learn and replace bad behavior with good behavior. Many of the children have never experienced an upbringing with compassion, repentance, forgiveness and other types of disciplines that ultimately renew their mind, forever change their heart, and allow for an opportunity for more fulfilling relationships.

In mid-2009, CAN was given the rights for the use of the Boys Town Program  under Cornerstone’s name outside the United States. Adapted to meet cultural needs, the program is immediately available for use in Spanish. All training material and resources have been translated, and a training program established. CAN, with its first partner, is now available to train, consult, evaluate and certify others in the use of the program internationally.

The model is comprised of five components, providing the well-needed balance for child development. They include:

  • Teaching social, academic and independent-living skills
  • Helping build healthy relationships
  • Empowering youth through the development of self-government
  • Fostering values and spirituality
  • Living in a family life-style

Successful implementation of the program requires a balance in the cross-functioning elements of: administration; training; consultation; and evaluation. Each area is designed with protocols for its function as well as for the overall success of the program. The program, itself, is designed for direct caregivers, but it is imperative for all staff to be trained in it as well so that the necessary teamwork is permitted and accountability upheld.

CAN offers the program on three levels: 1) with new organizations looking for best and effective practices; 2) family-based care models looking to improve; and 3) institutional models with leadership seeking to change to family-based care. Depending on the situation of the organization, the program may be implemented slowly through pilot families.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about implementing the Cornerstone Family Model® at your orphanage.