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One of CAN's foundational principles is the sharing of information. When an organization has developed a best practice, CAN believes it is a moral obligation to share that information with others in orphan care to improve the lives of as many children as possible.

Though CAN shares—and encourages its members to share—fruitful information and resources readily and regularly, these resources are collected and shared with responsibility, integrity, and with full respect to the law. All information written and published by CAN is made available only to member organizations. CAN provides materials published by partner/member organizations, or by others, respecting their copyrights.

Though all parties (donors, organizations, governments, children) benefit through information sharing, the overarching benefit is for the children who depend on others for their well-being. Through best and effective practices, they experience family, live in a dignified manner, and have a better chance of future success.

Please contact us if you have best practices, research articles, conference information, webinars, etc. regarding care for the Fatherless you would like to share. The more knowledge we share, the more we can effectively improve the lives of all orphans together.