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CAN has identified a great need for technology and information in the area of orphan care. There is a need for uniform tracking and measuring programs to fully understand the actual number of Fatherless, causes, trends, and consequences. In addition, because children often flow in and out of orphanages, kinship care, and on and off the streets, basic history, academic, and health records are incomplete or nonexistent.

When efforts are made to record the basic demographic or case history of a child, many organizations, and even governments, use a simple Excel spreadsheet to manage the children in their care or system. With little security, a lack of consistency, coupled with high numbers, information is often lost or incomplete.

Taking action to meet this need, CAN has partnered with Five Points Technology Group to develop a universal platform, which will encompass all areas of child care for organizational and governmental use. With such a program, statistics and trends will be identified among methods and methodologies used within organizations. Furthermore, country comparatives will be available and with current statistics.

CAN, with Five Points Technology Group, anticipates being able to offer this as a pilot program in late 2012. Please, contact us if you would like to support or become part of this project.