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privacy policy

Cornerstone Alliance Navigators (CAN) respects the privacy of its site users' information. The personal information collected is strictly for CAN’s use within the organization, and will never be sold, traded, or transferred to a third party. CAN will not share any information with an outside party unless required to do so by law.

information collected

CAN collects and stores non-personal information, including a user’s domain, date and time the user accessed the website, Internet address of any forwarding website that linked to CAN’s website, and which parts of the website a user viewed during his or her session. This information is used for CAN’s own purposes to improve its website and services to its members.

CAN stores certain personal information from its members and customers, such as name, address, organization name, and credentials to expedite service in the future. This information may from time to time be shared with other CAN members to properly credit contributions and foster contacts, but it will never be shared with an outside source unrelated to CAN, and will only be shared with the utmost responsibility and integrity.

To enhance security, CAN does not collect or store credit card information on its servers, though CAN may retain your billing address to expedite orders in the future.

CAN collects certain financial and operational data on an organization as part of its auditing service. This information will remain strictly confidential and only shared with the direct consent of the audited organization.

notice of changes to this policy

CAN may decide in the future to update this policy to apply to new, unforeseen purposes not previously disclosed in this privacy notice. Any future changes will be made in the same spirit of our previous policies, but users may wish to periodically check this page for changes to CAN’s privacy policy.