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why sustainability?

Early in its development, CAN decided that it must follow best practices by engaging in a stable and sustainable business model of its own, which, in addition to diversifying revenue sources from donations, would ultimately limit economic dependency and strengthen capacity in difficult times.

CAN is cutting edge within the nonprofit sector in regards to its foresight for the need for sustainability from within. Too often nonprofits depend on financial backing from private investors or the government. In trying economic times, such nonprofits, and therefore their clients, suffer shortages, cutbacks, and some even the closing of doors. In order not to experience such things, and to lead by example, CAN has investigated the “needs” within the orphan care industry, and from them developed programs of sustainability. Such programs create the necessary revenue for CAN’s operations as well as build a fund from which CAN draws to support its members in developing and spreading best practices within the industry.

Currently, CAN has three programs of sustainability in planning and development:  1) Consulting; 2) Procurement & Distribution; and 3) Research & Publishing. Each program revolves around advocating for the Fatherless by generating and sharing information as well as leveraging services for the underprivileged. 

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